Platform Pricing, Issue 2

An Adviser's Guide to the Pricing Galaxy
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Publication Date: 
October 2013

So now the industry is moving towards unbundled pricing and clean share classes, surely like-for-like cost comparisons across platforms should be easier?

As Douglas Adams was only too aware, nothing in life is every as simple as it might seem and of course transparency is no guarantee of clarity.

Although some hidden rebates of the past are behind us, platforms still have a myriad of different charges which they can apply. We identify more than 60 different ways in which platforms can levy a fee and we are still a long way away from a platform costing a client a flat, all-inclusive £ fee.

The aim of this guide is to provide financial advisers with the charging structures of all major platforms in the market today; some comparison charts which help identify suitability for given client segments; confirmation of what to look out for when comparing platforms on price and some further information and scenarios from our sponsors.

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